WA Final Exam Preparation Course - Second Sitting 2024

This course provides access to evening tutorials for up to 12 months prior to your exam. Interactive, small group discussions about a wide range of topics are facilitated by specialists, usually on a Wednesday evening. The tutorials are held face-to-face and are scheduled from September 2023 September 2024, dates, times and locations of the tutorials vary. The long course is structured to be small group sessions that are face to face, which requires in person attendance to gain the value of the teaching. Due to COVID these sessions were held via Zoom in the past so the teaching could continue, however, these sessions have returned to face to face in 2023. Please do not register if you do not reside in WA. Please register online and contact Ineke Krom at ikrom@anzca.edu.au to be added to the tutorial distribution lists (via WhatsApp) for your stream.


Ground Floor, Building A, The Garden Office Park
Osborne Park




Organised by



Ineke Krom WA Administrative Officer Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists T: +61 8 6188 4555 E: ikrom@anzca.edu.au

Date 01 Jul - 01 Sep
Time 12 AM - 12 AM