SA FPM CME November 2022 Meeting

Join us for a CME meeting "A complaint has been made about me. What's next?" presented Dr Lynne Rainey FANZCA, SA Medical Board and Ms Nicole Harris, Solicitor, Legal Services/Medical Indemnity. This is a face to face meeting and will be held at 7pm. The overall rate of complaints of patients against health care practitioners is rising, particularly since COVID. Most common complaints are about clinical care approaches, communication and billing. Chronic pain practitioners are exposed, particularly since the introduction of prescription restrictions. The exact impact of complaints on personal and professional lives of doctors remains unclear in the literature. Many doctors negotiate these challenges in silence. Some studies are suggesting significant psychological impact leading to burnout and higher mental health risk. Some describe effects on overall health care quality as physicians are more likely to change their care practices, involving defensive medicine practices.  To better understand how medico-legal issues can affect their personal and professional lives, we will explore the complaints process from all aspects, with representation from clinicians, the Medical Board and legal support from an indemnity organisation as well as a health psychologist. Come and join us for what is going to be a challenging and interesting evening.


ANZCA SA Regional Office
North Adelaide




Organised by

Faculty of Pain Medicine


Michelle Gully Training and Course Coordinator Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists E:

Date 14 Nov
Time 7 PM - 8 PM