Monitoring of Oxygen Delivery To Meet Metabolic Demand

Oxygen delivery to vital organs depends on an adequate amount of oxygenated blood being delivered. The amount of deliverable oxygen varies based on oxygen saturation, hemoglobin concentration, intravascular fluid volume, and cardiac output. Therefore, while oxygen saturation and blood pressure are important factors, they are only part of the equation; ultimately, to accurately assess oxygen delivery to tissues minute by minute, we also need to be able to continuously measure hemoglobin, fluid responsiveness, and cardiac output. Masimo’s integrated multi-modal monitoring platform, LiDCO®, enables measurement of beat-by-beat oxygen delivery. In addition to measuring the delivery of oxygen to the tissues, the Masimo LiDCO platform allows measurement of vital organ oxygen consumption. As such, the platform provides clinicians with a plethora of essential monitoring data to help them precisely adjust oxygen delivery to match the metabolic demand of vital organs.


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