Cardiac PoCUS Worskhops

Participants will have the opportunity to improve their cardiac point-of-care ultrasound skills and have hands-on practice on a variety of patients. Experienced cardiac sonographers will provide specialist demonstration and guidance of this complex skill. Teaching throughout focusses on application to common critical care scenarios culminating with a cardiologist led discussion on integration into clinical practice on the Sunday morning. The workshop will have limited numbers to ensure participants gain adequate scanning practice time (maximum of 3 students per machine and tutor). Participant collaboration and discussion is highly encouraged. Prior to commencement of the workshop, participants are required to complete pre-reading and a short pre-workshop quiz. Participants will complete a post-workshop quiz to obtain their CPD certificate. ASUM provides 13 myASUM CPD points for the duration of the course and the workshop meets requirements for the Rapid Cardiac Echo CCPU Unit.


114 Jersey St




Simulation and Skills Training

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Date 23 Mar - 28 Oct
Time 12 AM - 12 AM