Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Workshop

Our basic beginner two-day cardiac ultrasound workshop is designed specifically for junior doctors (non specialist) though to intensivists, emergency physicians, anaesthetics, rural GPs, general medicine, and cardiology trainees. The aim of the course is to provide medical doctors with all the necessary skills to become proficient in the performance and diagnosis of the focussed cardiac ultrasound exam. Our experienced echocardiography educators simplify this learning process throughout, applying our proven step- by-step approach and comprehensive hands-on component to each workshop.Echo acoustic views & orientation Basic echo in life support Rapid cardiac echo Haemodynamic assessment & calculations Valvular assessment Acute myocardial infarction LV/RV function & filling status Cardiac tamponade Pericardial disease Pulmonary embolus Aortic dissection Shock Pneumothorax ? CCPU/CPD Accredited ? Emphasis on practical ? Maximum 15 delegates ? Presentations by experienced critical care phys


Rendezvous Hotel, Scarborough.




Day Care Anaesthesia

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Kellie D'Orsa T: 0403174447 E: [email protected]

Date 16 Nov - 17 Nov
Time 12 AM - 12 AM