Essential Skills for the Occasional Paediatric Anaesthetist

This course aims to update the participants knowledge of, and ability to, manage a variety of emergencies in paediatric anaesthesia while simultaneously developing general crisis management skills applicable to emergency situations across all areas of anaesthetic practice. Skills and knowledge essential for the safe delivery of paediatric anaesthesia will also be addressed. Topics covered:- 1. The paediatric airway and management of laryngospasm and bronchospasm 2. Recognition and initial management of intraoperative crises such as anaphylaxis and malignant hyperthermia 3. Paediatric basic and advanced life support 4. Human factors and the application of crisis management principles during paediatric emergencies The course is a recognised emergency response activity in ANZCA’s CPD program:- • Cardiac Arrest 16 CPD points (8 hours) in the “Knowledge & Skills/Short Courses” category Enquiries Ph: +61 2 9926 4620


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