Process Communication Modelling Seminar 1– Core Concepts

Communication with colleagues and within teams is critical to patient care. Understanding of self and others improves communication, maintains wellbeing and studying ability. PCMS1 teaches a special skillset in a logical and structured manner. Learn to: Observe & decode behaviour Predict and identify stress and distress in self and others Motivate self to achieve goals and gain cooperation from others Invite others back into positive communication & behaviour Each participant receives an individual personality profile. Course materials further assist you in applying the PCM model. Attracts 2 CPD points per hour - 48 points in total (Knowledge and Skills and/or wellbeing). This course is recommended for Doctors at all levels of practice. Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Group size is limited to 10 participants. Cost (inc. gst): $2420 Please contact me directly to enquire about this course: Facilitator: Liz Chye FANZCA


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Date 11 Oct - 13 Oct
Time 12 AM - 12 AM