Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Workshop

Revisit heart anatomy & cardiac cycle Understand acoustic windows & imaging planes used in echo Outline common pathologies associated with the heart Describe how echo is used to measure C.O, SV, RVSP, MPAP, EF, LVOT VTI, PAT, AV VTI/Vmax TAPSE, RV Sm etc. Appreciate echo as a tool to assess left & right systolic function Understand echo image orientation Understand the basic principles of Doppler haemodynamics Provide delegates with tutor assisted 'hands-on' echo practice Appreciate normal values in an echo examination Understand the limitations of the Doppler technique Understand the components of a focused echo examination Outline the role of echo in life support 2/3 practical hands on-live patients Appreciate the use of rapid cardiac echo in the critically ill Identify common ultrasound artifacts Shock's: case based image interpretation. Structured image interpretation.


The Como Hotel, 630 Chapel street, South Yarra.





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Date 11 Nov - 12 Nov
Time 12 AM - 12 AM