Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Workshop

Echo Acoustic Windows & Image Orientation * Valvular Assessment * LV/RV Function & Filling Status * Haemodynamic Assessment & Calculations * Basic Echo in Life Support * Rapid Cardiac Echo ?Pericardial Disease * Cardiac Tamponade * AMI * Aortic Dissection * Shock * Pulmonary Embolus * Pneumothorax To appreciate heart anatomy Understand acoustic windows and imaging planes used in echo Outline common pathologies associated with the heart Describe how echo is used to measure C.O, stoke volume, RVSP, TAPSE, EF, LVOT VTI, ejection fraction, aortic valve area etc. Appreciate echo as a tool to assess left and right systolic function Understand echo image orientation Understand the basic principles of Doppler haemodynamics Provide delegates with tutor assisted 'hands-on' echo practice Appreciate normal values in an echo examination Understand the limitations of the Doppler technique Understand the components of a focused echo examination. Case based image interpretation.


The Como Hotel 630 Chapel Street, South Yarra.





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Date 20 May - 21 May
Time 12 AM - 12 AM