Doctor's Professional Development and Self Care Retreat

Whole Hearted Medicine provides mindfulness and self care education to doctors in a beautiful and relaxing retreat environment. Through a structured program of educational seminars, interactive workshops and experiential learning sessions the goal is to provide time for personal reflection on health and wellbeing in all clinicians who attend. Learning Objectives are based on these topics -Self Awareness -Self Compassion -Self Care -Self Reflection -Resilience -Burnout -Leadership and Communication -Managing Mistakes -Mindfulness At the end of the retreat, Doctors leave rested and restored. They have tools to manage stress. They have a personal wellbeing plan. They have clarity of the areas they are doing well in and the ones that need attention with actionable steps delineated. The Doctors leave with a toolbox that they can draw upon in times of stress and distress to ensure their longevity in the careers of medicine.


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Date 16 Oct - 19 Oct
Time 12 AM - 12 AM