Christchurch Primary Exam Revision Course 2024

Primary exam revision course prior to the first sitting of the ANZCA exams for 2024. The Christchurch course has traditionally been exam focused and highly interactive with multiple SAQ and viva sessions throughout the six days. Written and verbal feedback is provided throughout the week. It is NOT a lecture course and we expect candidates to be prepared for the first sitting of the exam. We intend to be in-person without any plans to offer a virtual attendance event. Course costs are $1500 NZD. As well as covering tutor and venue expenses, some meals and snacks are also included. Eligible candidates should be sitting the primary exam in the first sitting of 2024. Registration: Registration will be online through Christchurch department website; Registration will open Monday October 9 and close Friday October 20. In event of over subscription, eligible candidates will be selected in random order with numbers 26 and above moving onto a waiting list.


Arts Centre, 2 Worcester Street, Christchurch 8013




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Andrew Nairn T: 0279220994 E:

Date 11 Feb - 16 Feb
Time 12 AM - 12 AM