Gastric Ultrasound Workshop

A "full stomach" is a major risk factor for aspiration under sedation or anaesthesia, with the lack of an objective tool to assess gastric content limiting risk assessment to patient history alone. Gastric point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is an emerging tool that provides objective information on gastric content and volume. It is a brief, focused procedure performed at the bedside, and allows the clinician to make a more informed decision for the safe care of their patients. We are the first institution in Australasia to offer a dedicated gastric POCUS workshop. Participants will receive hands-on training, immediate feedback, experience in scanning different gastric states, a formative assessment, and a comprehensive handbook for future reference. Our workshop is suitable for clinicians practicing in anaesthesia, intensive care, or emergency medicine.


School of Medicine, University of Auckland




Simulation and Skills Training

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Dr Nav Sidhu T: +6421528887 E:

Date 07 Nov
Time 12 AM - 12 AM