Inaugural Perioperative Medicine Webinar

Inaugural Perioperative Medicine webinar: Local and International Perspectives.  The Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists Perioperative Medicine Committee in collaboration with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.  Perioperative medicine is undergoing rapid development in the recent years. Multidisciplinary collaboration between anaesthesiologists, surgeons, physicians, nursing, allied health, together with patient engagement, have become the cornerstone for improving patient outcomes. This inaugural webinar is the first of many, to promote collaborative efforts and shared decision making on perioperative patient care. All are welcome! Topics: Perioperative Medicine in ANZCA: the COVID era Dr Vanessa Beavis, Immediate Past President, ANZCA Perioperative Medicine in Hong Kong: where are we now? Dr Yee-Eot Chee, Chair, HKCA Perioperative Medicine Committee Risk assessment in the modern era: where do we stand? Dr Sean McManus, Chair, ANZCA Perioperative Medicine Steering Committee 8-Year Experience of Prehabilitation in a Local Rehab Centre in Hong Kong Dr Tse Pui Man Yukie, Rehabilitation Specialist, Department of Medicine and Geriatrics, TMH Dr Eddie Chow, Consultant and Head of Rehabilitation, Department of Medicine and Geriatrics, TMH


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Date 28 May
Time 12 PM - 2 PM