Airway Management for Anaesthesiologists

The course will provide you with tools to prevent your patients from suffering serious complications, or death, in relation to anaesthesia. The course combines focused lectures with an extensive hands on-workshop and own airway-management cases. The hands-on-workshop has an instructor-to-participants-ratio close to one, and includes: Flexible optical airway management Bronchoscopy for anaesthesiologists Chricothyrotomy Ultrasonography in airway management Lung separation and bronchial blockers On full-scale simulators, SimMan: Managing the "cannot-intubate-cannot-ventilate"- other situations Retrograde intubation for the bleeding airway Miscellaneous videolaryngoscopes High flow nasal oxygen, HFNO Infrared-guided flexible optical intubation Flow controlled ventilation via 2.4 mm tubes for adults The paediatric airway As participant you upload an airway-management patient-case for the workshop and the discussions during the course


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Airway Management

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Date 24 Nov - 25 Nov
Time 12 AM - 12 AM