Graduate Courses in Disaster and Terror Medicine

Developed by the Department of Critical Care in consultation with industry, this course draws on the extensive knowledge and real-world experience of Australian and international experts, including leading emergency physician, Professor George Braitberg AM, who heads up the department's emergency medicine program. This course is designed to equip you with essential skills to prepare your health service, community, or organisation for natural disasters and terror events, and to effectively manage and recover from such events when they occur. Disaster and Terror Medicine is a system-orientated specialty that intersects clinical medicine and a diverse group of emergency responding agencies. The course is relevant to critical care clinicians (including doctors, nurses, clinical leaders); emergency services (including paramedics, emergency responders); hospital administrators; government and policy makers; social workers; and the military.


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Anaesthesia and Critical Care in Unusual and Transport Environments

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Date 03 Jan - 23 Dec
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