Doctor's Professional Development and Self Care Retreat

Attending a Whole Hearted Medicine retreat gives Doctors the opportunity to focus on their own well-being and cultivate a range of tools to utilise on a day to day basis in all aspects of their professional career. The retreat setting offers time to communicate and collaborate with meaningful connection and conversation. Topics covered during the retreat 1/ Self Awareness 2/ Self Care 3/ Self Compassion 4/ Self Reflection 5/ Resilience 6/ Burnout 7/ Leadership and Communication 8/ Mindfulness 9/ Managing Mistakes At the conclusion of the event, Doctors will leave rested and restored. They will have new tools to help with stress management and an understanding of the areas in which they are doing well and the areas that need attention. They will leave with a personal wellbeing plan and actionable steps to improve their life as a Doctor, ensuring longevity in their profession.




Welfare of Anaesthetists

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Date 14 Feb - 17 Feb
Time 12 AM - 12 AM
Location Aquila Retreat, Buderim