2022 Australian Pain Society 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting

The Australian Pain Society’s ASM is the only multidisciplinary conference in Australia offering insights into the complex nature of pain management from a variety of medical, nursing and allied health perspectives. The 2022 Australian Pain Society 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting (APS 2022) is being held from 10 - 13 April 2022 in Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart TAS. The Australian Pain Society continues to align their conference theme with the IASP Global Year; in 2022 this is, ‘the IASP Global Year for Translating Pain Knowledge to Practice'. The Scientific Program Committee is thrilled to have procured three most impressive international speakers; Professor Patrick Mantyh, University of Arizona, USA, Professor Andrew Rice, Imperial College London, UK and Professor Beverly Thorn, University of Alabama, USA. They will be joined by an inspiring range of national speakers who will provide a glance into some of the most complex and dynamic areas of pain management.


Annual scientific meeting


Pain Medicine

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Date 10 Apr - 13 Apr
Time 12 AM - 12 AM
Location Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart